Red Lipstick Challenge Week #1


As some of you may already know, I not only freelance as a makeup artist but I also work at an accounting firm. It was there that a coworker, who is well acquainted with my unhealthy obsession with red lipstick, suggested I wear one a day until I wear them all. So thank you Julia for the great idea. I had so much fun exploring my lipstick collection through this challenge. Now I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions on each one to help you find your perfect red lip. Everyone needs a red lip! Brace yourself, I have forty one in total. Stay tuned until the end of this series to see which lipstick wins and to enter for a chance to win one of my top picks.

Week #1


The Lineup:

Bite Beauty


Dose Of Colors

Edward Bess

Wander Beauty

Bite Beauty: Liquified Lip

Bite Beauty: Liquified Lip

BiteBeauty: Liquified Lip

Shade: Braised 

Rating: Like

Type: gloss/liquid lip

I love the scent of Bite Beauty lipsticks! You get this sweet fruity scent when applying but if you’re bothered by scents in your lip products, you might want to steer clear. I only smell it while applying not throughout the day. This formula is their liquified lip and is not to be compared with other liquid lips you may have tried before. This one is far from your typical matte liquid lip. It’s so shiny it’s almost a gloss. The formula has beautiful coverage, feels thick, and very hydrating. Somehow it still manages to stay within the lip line. This shade is on the pinker side of red but it definitely qualifies as a red in my book.  

Hourglass: Femme Rouge

Hourglass: Femme Rouge

Hourglass: Femme Rouge

Shade: Icon

Rating: neutral

Type: Cream Lipstick

While I had no complaints about this lipstick, it didn’t really impress me either. It’s a nice lipstick but there is not much to rave about. The color leans on the fuchsia side. It reminds me of Revlon’s classic shade Cherries in the snow but with less wear time. I found the color fades faster than many of the others I have tried throughout this journey. This formula isn’t bad but isn’t any thing revolutionary. It is an all around pretty standard red lip 

Dose Of Colors: Liquid Lipstick    (Top Pick)

Dose Of Colors: Liquid Lipstick

(Top Pick)

Dose of Colors: Liquid Lipstick

Shade: Merlot

Rating: Love

Type: Matte/liquid lipstick

I’ve been in love with this lip product for a while now. The color is a vibrant shade of red that has a solid foot on the side of pink. It’s very comfortable to wear considering it’s a matte liquid lipstick. So many liquid lips feel like they are sucking the life out of your lips but somehow this one doesn’t. It also manages to wear down without giving you that horrid liner look that most lipsticks in this style do. I think whoever was in charge of formulating this product was using some sort of witch craft. As an added bonus, I never fail to get compliments while wearing this lipstick.

Edward Bess: Deep Shine Lip Gloss

Edward Bess: Deep Shine Lip Gloss

Edwardbess: Deep Shine Lip Gloss

Shade: Warm Flame

Rating: Like

Type: Gloss

The shine on this one is hypnotizing but it lacks any real pigment. Due to the nature of a high shine gloss, it can have the tendency to wander outside the lip line but I feel it wasn’t as big of an issue as I was thought it would be. You’ll definitely want to use a lip liner to fill in your entire lip before applying this gloss. The formula lacks any real punch of pigment which is severely disappointing. Obviously It’s not transfer proof but man is the shine on this one pretty.

Wander Beauty: Wander out Dual Lipstick

Wander Beauty: Wander out Dual Lipstick

Wanderbeauty: Wander Out Dual Lipstick

Shade: Velvet Rope

Rating: neutral

Type: Matte/cream

This formula sits somewhere between a matte and a cream lipstick. It glides on smoothly and evenly which is a pleasant surprise. I’ve found that a lot of these deeper shades tend to apply a little uneven but this one is beautiful. This formula wears very comfortably all day but will definitely require touchups. The wear time is pretty good considering its not a fully matte formula but it’s not transfer proof. It’s a good lipstick but not overly memorable in comparison to the many other lipstick I’ve have tried throughout this challenge


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