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Red Lip Challenge Week #5

Welcome back! Only two more weeks after this. I want to remind you to subscribe (link below) to receive a notification when a new post is live. But more importantly, so that you don’t miss the announcement of my giveaway!

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Red Lip Challenge Week #3

Hello fellow red lipstick enthusiasts. We are on to week three of this challenge with another six lipsticks to review. I know what you’re probably thinking: Heather a week has seven days not six. Why does this challenge have a six day week? Well, I was smart enough to anticipate that all the different formulas *ahem* (I’m looking at you mattes) would take a toll on my poor lips.

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Red Lip Challenge Week #2

This week I was able to rediscover a lipstick that has been overlooked and pushed to the back of my makeup draw for far too long. I’m happy that already, I’m finding hidden gems within my own collection. Here’s to weeding out the duds and rediscovering the Stars .

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